Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow, CDs and tshirts.

Okay so we Brits have come to that crazy time of year when we are covered in the most retarded fall of snow in existance. I find it funny as I'm used to USA winters in Nantucket where everything freezes, and in London, whenever the temperature goes below zero everyone FREAKS OUT. Trains are cancelled, airports close and we literally think the world is going to end as it would if I went a day without facebook, twitter or blogging. 

I started work at HMV a couple of weeks ago and so have become pretty good at repeatedly styling out one tshirt in a variety of outfits, high waisted skirts, patterned tights, leggings and jeans with my trademark DMs and assortment of 80s hi tops have literally saved my life. 

Also everyone buy this Balmain tshirt it's $40 and is to celebrate 10 years of the fabulously dreadful Loads of designers have made one so click hereeee to have a lookie 


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