Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lanvin it large

So the high street's designer collections have always created havoc and laughed it off, in a true fashionista sense. But I've seen nothing in conparison to the hype and horrors and Lanvin meets H & M. (sorry Valentino who?) 
So I tottered over in my lunch break to the lovely Kingston H&M (I figured if it's in my lunch break, I'm actually getting paid to shop, like fuck yeah?). But sadly it wasn't the relaxing and stress free trip I was expecting, the two tiered store was a craze and daze of angry white middle class sixteen year olds with their mothers who threw strops at every cocktail dress they found that was not in their size and throwing a stream of haute, minus the couture to the floor in anger and departing to the rest of the centre. Of course I arrived too late to get anything, but don't worry. I WILL get the restocked black cocktail dress, Lanvin illustration tshirt and embroided clutch. Or die. Yes buying those (all for less than £150) sounds like a much better plan. 

Favourite Pieces?

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